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Healing Stress, Anxiety + Depression: An Ayurvedic Workshop

Healing Stress, Anxiety, & Depression: An Ayurvedic Workshop w/ Radha & Damodar

September 15th, 6:30pm 


Have you ever experienced stress, anxiety or depression? We know that this is a pretty ridiculous question because we all do.These emotions are a wide-spread phenomenon in today’s modern, fast paced but often disconnected world.


Join Palo Santo owners Radha & Damodar for an evening of understanding how the ancient science of Ayurveda can help empower us to heal ourselves from these common everyday difficulties.


Ayurveda empowers us to bring healing into our own hands through the use of dietary changes, lifestyle, practices, herbs, crystals & more.


In this workshop we will be covering:

- Ayurveda philosophy on the body, mind, & spirit connection 

- best practices for healing these conditions 

- everyday management of these conditions

- long-term management & healing 

- creation of a healing “toolbox” to give the student a realistic, practical & accessible repertoire to heal 


The cost of this workshop is $25, be sure to register to reserve your spot!