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Asteroid Goddess w/ Kathleen Callahan (Daughter of Wands)

Asteroid Goddess w/ Kathleen Callahan (Daughter of Wands)

May 3rd 7-9pm at the Shop/Apothecary Space, $28

How do we embody ALL aspects of the divine feminine as encountered in pre-patriarchal myth, and how can we channel their energies to synchronize our stories and weave a new, more empowering tapestry of our creative genius, self reliance, and sacred sexuality? Discover the asteroids in our solar system that were named after the four major goddesses of the Roman pantheon and what they say about your unique makeup!

Join local astrologer Kathleen @daughter.of.wands on May 2rd for the Taurus New Moon for a special astrological and mythical themed workshop to uncover the Asteroid Goddesses in your own natal chart.

In this workshop we'll uncover the pre-patriarchal myths behind the four major asteroids - Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, and Juno - discover their placement in our personal charts, and end with a guided meditation to meet the goddess we most embody, and create an altar together to honor our inner divine feminine.

Half lecture, half interactive story medicine and discussion, and half ritual, this class will sure to leave you entranced in myth, your personal astrology, and finding a deeper connection to yourself.

A base knowledge of your natal chart is required, please feel free to bring an offering for our altar: flowers, fruit, crystals, vessels, beautiful objects, etc.