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Shakti Gathering w/ Sophie Doar

Shakti Gathering w/ Sophie Doar

2-4pm Sunday May 19th

We welcome all female-identified people to this special extended practice with Sophie Doar.

This timely workshop is offered in honor of the divine mother of all, Shakti, the dynamism at the heart of all life.

At the beginning of time Adi Shakti (the primordial life force) becomes manifest when Shiva (consciousness, the soul of the universe) recognizes himself and gains self-awareness. In so doing, Shakti gives birth to time itself, generating the pulse of the universe which enlivens all. We expand our awareness of Shakti with the recognition that “everything in the universe arises and subsides in the arms of the divine mother” – Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD.

Through meditation, movement, and ritual, we will engage in practices that help us recognize our individual and universal creative power. This is a springtime, Mother’s month, energetic, reawakening, practice meant to bring clarity to how and where shakti is personified in you and as you. In short, this is a celebration!


~ All attendees of Shakti Gathering are invited to stay for May’s Womxn’s Circle at 4:30pm (by donation).

** This is an inclusive space for all trans women and transfeminine folx. Transphobia will not be tolerated.