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Cacao Ceremony + Breath Work + Vinyasa Flow w/ Jun Lee

Cacao Ceremony + Breath Work + Vinyasa Flow

w/ Jun Lee

May 18th 2-4pm

Cacao beans have been recognized for centuries for their potent heartfelt power among the indigenous tribes of Central America. Cacao is a superfood containing a complex mix of minerals, vitamins and aminos. Ceremonial grade cacao is used to help facilitate powerful transformation by accessing the heart center and deepening one’s connection to spirit. Cacao is known as a facilitator that brings you to the doors of perception, allowing you to connect with your heart’s center and its power and intuitive insight. This workshop will have access to this special plant medicine from Costa Rica - from a small family owned farm in the Caribbean region of Bri Bri. This cacao is wildcrafted, organic, raw - and personally brought over to the States by the facilitator.


The foundations of this workshop are centered around the breath work - which has its roots in the Amazon as well as Tibet. It is designed for all levels of experience, and regardless of skill level this breath work helps with - opening the lungs, flushing the cells with fresh oxygen, and practicing this rhythmic breath helps to release old patterns, emotions, and deep seeded habits which limit growth and expansion.


A sweet, sweaty and soulful vinyasa flow will be woven into all of this to round out and ground our practice - allowing you to leave both invigorated, inspired and deeply relaxed.



Jun Lee is a registered nurse, Wim Hof Method certified instructor and the founder of Tao Yoga Collective, a Yoga Alliance certified school. She has been teaching 200 & 300 hr teacher trainings and retreats in Costa Rica and Italy since 2013. Jun is a dedicated student of Hatha Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, and QiGong. Her classes are aimed on mind-body-heart connection, with focus on the breath, and attuning to the heart space as much as possible. These various disciplines are cultivated to bring a well-rounded, dynamic practice that will leave you feeling empowered, calm, and grounded.

Jun’s intention is to hold a safe space for others to heal, go deep into their own experience, and expanding their energy.

This work is a guide for people to physically and symbolically heal, transform, and strengthen through diverse modalities - beginning with the breath. Jun teaches an approachable, deep style of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga that safely challenges the body, illuminates the mind, and opens the heart. Open your heart, breathe deeply, and feel the pulse - this is the first step. Feeling is understanding.

In her class, you will breathe deeply, feel lighter, and move rhythmically into stillness.