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The Sun Salutation w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

The Sun Salutation w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

May 11th 2-4pm

Surya Namaskara, the sun salutation, and its many forms appear in nearly all yoga classes. The sun salutation consists of several poses that create a foundation for a sustainable practice. The specific alignment and modifications for each pose requires an in-depth exploration that a typical 75 minute class could not allow for.

If you have ever questioned how the staple poses of the sun salutation fit into your practice & your body OR feel like you may be injuring your self due to incorrect form, this workshop is for you!

We’ll take two hours to break down and adequately explore the following poses: downward facing dog, upward facing dog, chaturanga dandasana and plank pose. Transitions, safety, modifications and the use of breath will also be covered so that your experience of a "vinyasa" flow will be that of fluid mediation in motion. We will use props to both create a solid foundation and a sustainable practice that suits all body types.

This is an all-levels workshop open to anyone looking for a fun, challenging and informative experience in a supportive environment. Reserve your spot today!