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Rest & Digest: A Restorative Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

Restorative yoga is a way of arranging the physical body in a way that initially invites rest and ultimately an intuitive healing experience. It’s a practice that looks simple, but offers a lifetime of exploration. It’s a way of being, rather than a practice of doing, so it actually takes some “unlearning” to become effective.

The byproduct of living in a world fueled by productivity, multitasking and efficiency, is often exhaustion, stress and even illness. Restorative yoga is like the antidote to modern life- it’s emphasis on being-ness requires nothing more than a settling into stillness. And yet, there is great challenge that begs us to explore and discover who we truly are beyond the veil of busyness that often defines us and keeps us detached from our more subtle selves.

In this 6 hour immersion & teacher training, we will dive deeply into the ways restorative yoga can address the dis-ease of the body and the mind. Students will experience the restorative practice: a juicy 90 minute endeavor to activate the body’s “rest and digest” response which is constantly turned off during times of stress, when the response is “fight or flight.” 

This informative practice will be followed by detailed instruction for setting up poses using props for maximum physical comfort, common bodily misalignments, and fullest bliss. There will also be a fascinating lecture component that addresses the science of the nervous system and the healing benefits of an effective restorative practice as well as using the Kosha model for facilitating a deeply layered experience of rest. Partner work and group discussion will provide individualized opportunity to explore ways of incorporating restorative practices within the larger context of yoga asana.

The price for this immersive training experience is $75