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Prema Breathwork w/ JK Rocket

Prema Breathwork w/ JK Rocket (Jon Kameen)

March 16th, 3pm

Breath and Consciousness are intimately interwoven.As we breathe more deeply into our bodies, we are inviting awareness into parts of ourselves (or our past) that have long been stored away. As we bring awareness to the areas that have been hidden, our bodies innate healing abilities kick in; we release what has been holding us back, and we step closer into our full potential.

The process itself uses very simple means: with the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath with this technique along with the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.

Many practitioners feel this breath work provides a direct, replicable, physical experience of Divine Love through the saturation of the body with prana.


Jon’s passion for movement, adventure, flying, and the outdoors started at a young age as a snowboarder, mountain biker, and adventurer. This passion continues to this day and has led him away from his job in the corporate world towards a more simple and rewarding life of studying and teaching yoga. Jon is known for his high energy Vinyasa classes that focus on alignment and breath and include yoga philosophy, mythical stories, chanting, exploration, and fun.