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Gateway of Love: A Headstand Workshop w/ Sophie Doar

Gateway to Love: A Headstand Workshop
With Sophie Doar
Friday February 1, 6:30-8:30pm $35

Sirsasana, headstand, is known as the ‘king’ or ‘father’ of the poses and places our physical and subtle crowns upon the Earth. The sahasrara, ‘thousand-petaled’ lotus, crown chakra, is a gateway to supreme consciousness, love, divine energy, pure bliss, etc., etc. A headstand is the ultimate bow, not only to our Earth and creator, but to the creative and expansive qualities within us. “Consciousness is chemical” – when we stimulate the crown chakra, pituitary and pineal glands release hormones which literally expand our consciousness. By turning our perspective on its head, we gain a broader vision and can let go of misunderstandings about who or what we think we are. Sirsasana practice is a gateway to experience our own infinite nature, which is loving awareness.


In this workshop, we will begin by embodying the philosophical and spiritual essence of Sirsasana pose by chanting a mantra to stimulate the entire chakra system, but especially the sahasrara chakra. We will move through a warming vinyasa practice to prepare the body for sirsasana and mukta hasta sirsasana (tripod headstand) variations. We will spend time breaking down the foundations of these poses as well as playful transitions in and out, using blocks, the wall, and ultimately practicing in the middle of the room. A soothing cool down, meditation, and final rest in savasana to follow.