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Fall Ball! A Roll & Release Workshop w/ MJ Heart

Fall Ball! w/ MJ Heart
Roll & Release Workshop
Using simple tools for self-massage and myofascial relief…

Life can be hard, but our bodies don't have to be. While weekly massages may sound like a dream, we may not always be able to afford the cost; however, we can always afford a few moments of self-care and in-home healing practices to help keep our bodies and minds healthy, balanced, and harmonized.

This 2 hour workshop, open to anyone, explores the use of simple and accessible tools to release tension deeply imbedded in the fascia and connective tissues that hold our body together. During this practice, we will locate specific points of tension in the body, use tennis balls to release trigger points and stagnation causing pain and discomfort, and activate awareness through subtle movement and focused breathing to coax the body into a state of deep release and revitalization.

What to bring? Your body, some comfy clothes, a bottle of water, a mat (we have some too), but mostly your willingness to explore the depths of your body through cultivated self-awareness. (Tennis balls provided for workshop)

Some benefits of Tennis Ball Bodywork:
-decreased pain and discomfort
-increased range of motion
-deeper connection to body and breath
-increased muscle strength and vitality
-restoration of prana/energy flow
-creating a home practice for daily self-care

The cost of this healing workshop is only $25