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Winter Wellness Workshop: Herbs + Natural Remedies + Lifestyle Choices for Vata Season

Winter Wellness Workshop

Your Ayurvedic guide to Winter Wellness:

Herbs + Natural Remedies + Lifestyle Choices for Vata Season

Vata, Pitta and Kapha ebb and flow to create the world as we know it. Inside our body, they come together to provide our structure; our ability to digest food and thoughts, our ability to walk and move, circulate blood and even breathe. Outside our body, these energies wax and wane with the seasons and each of these energies are known by their specific qualities.

During this time of year, the Winter Season’s qualities offer a rough, dry, cold, light, mobile, and subtle place and we begin to feel its effect within our own bodies. When it is cold and dry, we naturally struggle to stay warm and hydrated and we tend to feel more fragile in the body and the mind.  These elements, if not carefully taken into consideration, can leave us feeling outside of ourselves in a state of darkness or even depression. Some of the signs that our body is reacting to Vata Season may appear like:

Dryness, Frayed Nerves and scattered thoughts, Insomnia, muscle + joint pain and Funky Digestion to name a few.

In this workshop, you will be learning how to make simple yet effective diet and lifestyle adjustments and how to create specific herbal remedies to effectively manage your own seasonal energy. By balancing our Vata energy, we can ensure more balance + optimum health and prevent further symptoms that come along with the cold weather.

The cost of this workshop is $35, all materials are included and everyone is welcome.