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Healing Hands: Restorative Yoga & Therapeutic Touch w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

Healing Hands: Restorative Yoga & Therapeutic Touch w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

January 27th 4-6pm w/ Lindsay Gitlitz

Hands on relax and restore:
Restorative yoga is coupled with a physical touch modality called IHYT in this special workshop.  IHYT is a technique involving pressure, stretching and other intuitive practices intended to leave the recipient feeling more open to their own healing potential.

Relaxation activates the body’s own healing mechanisms.  As an ongoing process, relaxation and healing work on multiple levels: they effect the condition of the physical body, the quality of breath and the content of the mind.  Slowly, long held tensions may release and emotional holdings start to soften when you are able to consistently and effectively relax.

Through this guided restorative yoga practice the individual is able to explore their own journey of what calls to be healed on the deepest levels.  Whether your path of healing is just beginning or well underway, this night of intentional practice is designed to produce a yummy and “feel good” experience.  Each practitioner will be assisted with the IHYT hands on techniques to facilitate increased receptivity.  We will operate as if everything is already OK and build upon our openness to being receptive.  The practice will end with a yoga Nidra- a systematic journey through the physical body which allows for a deep release of the mind and a sense of lucid dreaming.

This special night is limited to 12 people for a maximum hands-on experience.  The cost is $35.