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Bhakti Poety & Spoken Word Night!

Join poet and author K. Mala Guitierez and meditation teacher & bhakti yogini Kate Keen for an evening of FREE Bhakti Poetry, Spoken Word, and Guided Meditation!

k. mala gutierrez (aka kadamba mala devi dasi) is a teacher, poet, and sari enthusiast. she is the author of ... "and other poems" and the forthcoming chapbook "embodiment." k. mala attempts to use writing as an access point to the ever elusive practice of bhakti-yoga. she always has more questions than answers.

Kate Keen is purveyor of Prasadam (mercy) who meshes her love of cooking, healing, and art into her spiritual practice. Kate has a passion for helping others find their way and has written many guided meditations. Kate combines traditional Buddhist practices into her Bhakti Yoga and can be found all over Philadelphia teaching people how to cope with today’s modern issues through meditation.