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ENERGETIC TAROT with Kathleen Callahan

Join Kathleen of Daughter of Wands in a fully immersive healing session geared towards clearing emotional blockages that affect our physical reality and wellbeing. Most of us hold onto emotions - even when we don't realize it - and when they are not released, that energy lingers and starts to create blockages in the physical body. Emotional trauma, regret, expectation, fear, resentment, and anger, are some of our most commonly felt emotions that we experience, yet we are most likely not releasing them in a healthy way or at all. Starting with a 20 minute IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) healing session, Kathleen will release emotional blocks using light touch, then using the tarot to get to the root of the issue and laying out practical steps for how to continue healing on an everyday level. The best part? Kathleen will give you a free flower or crystal essence based on the result of the healing session for energetic support moving forward. If you've been feeling 'stuck' in life, are holding onto heavy emotional burden, or are ready to release the pain of the past to better embrace your future, then this session may just be perfect for you!

The cost of this very special offering is $75

Please email us at to secure your spot