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Uddiyana Bandha & The Soft Belly Experience

Sunday August 12th 1-3 join Palo Santo teacher Amanda Medina for...
"Uddiyana Bandha and the Soft Belly Experience"

Culturally, the flat belly/ six pack abs has cast a shadow over true abdominal health with a focus on the aesthetics as opposed to the depth, strength, and wisdom the "core" of the body provides. We know that a consistent yoga practice cultivates, over time a long, lean, and very strong core - but how? There is a dynamic quality to awakening the core of ones body.

This class will include a lengthening movement sequence, while making the core of the body the center piece of awareness.
Taking everything we're processing, and allowing it to express through movement via the shiny solar region of the body.

What I want to explore with you is the very old Hatha Yoga practice of Uddiyana Bandha, and for some Uddiyana Bandha Kriya.
Practicing this lock aids in digestion as well as tones and creates space for the abdominal organs as the diaphragm is drawn upwards into the ribcage. This toning spurs efficiency and productivity of the diaphragm muscle, the muscle responsible for proper air flow into the lungs and effective exhalation, removing stagnant air/prana/energy. This exchange of breath can be viewed as one of our most instant examples of "digestion".

Beyond this; what I also want to share is the honoring of the "soft belly" or what Shiva Rea refers to as the "sacred belly". As Uddiyana Bandha is seen as one of the 3 MAIN energetic locks it is important. Especially for women, this area that holds the womb which by nature is a place of nourishment and tenderness.
We will all meet and gather there, do some work, some ease, and allow chaos to lead the way.

If possible, please either eat light or no food 2 hours prior to the workshop and expect to do a core centric sequence, do flying (inversion work) and sweat!

$20 preregistration or drop-in!

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