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SPIRITWORK: A Master Class

SpiritWork: A Masterclass.
We are all surrounded by spirits, ancestors and numinous beings that assist and grant both protection, vision, and courage to help us navigate the unseen realms. Join Erick for this masterclass in psychic and spiritual development and cultivate your understanding connection with Spirit Guides.

In this master class, you will explore, identify, and connect with five types of Spirit Guides: The Angel, The Power Animal, The Deva, The Ancestor, and The Ascended Masters. You will learn to turn into their frequency, identify your spiritual needs and cultivated relationships with allies to support your journey. Key topics include Angles beyond Christianity, The Sacred Dead, mediumship vs. ancestor work, The Ascended Master archetype over deities, and more.

This masterclass builds upon previous series like Elemental Castings, but is perfect for those with dedicated practices looking to connect with spirit, guides, and allies. Please bring items for our community altar.

The cost of this specialty immersion style workshop is $60