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Karma Demystified: Out Here Living My Best w/ Devamrita Swami

Dig out from under the ground the story that is shaping your lives. We want to look back at our lives and see that at-least a good part of the time we did what we wanted to do. I am just out here living my best life and that we call success. But does life actually plan out in that way?

Why do bad things happen to good people ? Why are some people born with a silver spoon in their mouth and the others born in squalor and rags ? Why do two persons grow up in the same circumstances, work equally hard for success and still achieve completely different results? Why is one person born ugly or with low intelligence and another beautiful or with ingenuity ?

Are you just a random occurrence amidst certain circumstances? is the universe just a random occurrence and we a tiny random occurrence within a huge random occurrence. Should we really worry about what we should be doing or should we just let things happen ?

Join us as world traveling monk for over 45 years, Devamrita Swami, demystifies karma. While it’s chic to toss the word into conversations, he explains that the actual acceptance of karma as a cosmic reality entails massive consequences.

The cost of this very special evening, which includes blessed vegetarian food! (prasad) is $10 or whatever you can give.


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