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AYURVEDIC HEALTH Intensive - The dance of Balance - a rasa lila

Especially in this climate of tremendous information, we hear often about Balance and Health, about finding Balance, and about finding Health. And yet, somehow the practice and the process remains mysterious. Practices and choices that work miracles for one person, have no effect, or even ill effect on another.

Why is this?

Though the words Health and Balance seem static, the experience of Health and Balance are actually anything but. These terms and experiences are relative in their equilibrium and thus, there is nuance behind the certain literacy needed to navigate them.

In this 5 hour immersion we will use the practice of Ayurveda and Yoga to explore what are the delightful parts that make up what we perceive as Dynamic Health - both in the Body, in the Mind, in the Spirit, and in the Environment.

This program is a wonderful match for all Practitioners of Yoga as well as those that have been exploring the intricacies of Wellness.

We will cover :

Vayu and Asana and Massage as Therapy
Sattva, Rajas, Tamas
20 Gunas
5 Elements Theory
3 Dosha
Time, Place, and Circumstance
Recognizing Energetic Expression in Food, Environment, and Activity (including Movement and Communication)
Using the Element and Guna Practice to Make Choices to Support Current State of Health and/or Achieve Desired State of Health


Sarra Kaufman has been a lifetime student and accomplished teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. She has been blessed with teachers who have searched classically for the patterns of the Universe and Spirit. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda all serve to assist in increasing her depth, sensitivity, and simplicity in ways she lives and practices.

Some of her teachers include, Andrey Lappa of Universal Yoga, Kula Yoga Project, Sankalpah College of Yoga (Yoga), Sadhvi Abha Saraswatiji and Raghunath Cappo (Mantra), Vaidya Ravi of Poonthottam Ayurvedasram, the California College of Ayurveda, Dr. Claudia Welsh, Dr. Cate Stillman, and BCD (Ayurveda). Her teachers of touch include those at Sunshine School (Chiang Mai, Thailand) and Ohm (Omsala Chiang Mai, Thailand) for the wisdom of Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang.

Each of her teachers has forever moved her to teach from a heartfelt space of humble knowledge, respect, and intuition - qualities ever present in yoga and its teachings.

In classes we will focus on the science behind the relationships between the body, the mind, and their bridges . We are concerned with the flow of prana, how and where it moves and does not move in posture, in nadi, with consciousness. Using the paradigms of Ha-tha Yoga and Ayurveda we will explore our capacity to be both strong and flexible, moving and still, Ha and Tha, and of course, migrating in the direction of steady appreciation and awareness.

The cost of this Intensive is $125.00