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MANIFESTO a master class

🖤MANIFESTO May 6th w/ @yoginoir 🖤

Our identity is constructed as events happen to us, we choose our reactions.

These re-actions cause new actions to manifest...and re-actions and so on.

What I would like to explore with you is the project of self-identification.

Yoga (and other esoteric practices) are catalysts for change within us,

and in time we see the shifts in our perception of the world around us.

When we decide to change, our choices are like a mantra repeated over and over again until we hear the mantra echo in everything we do. So too we train ourselves to live a certain way.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

HOW do you want to interact with your world?

We will collectively tap into the energy of the Ascendant in Astrology, learn about it's historyand self-manufacture our own for this current state we are in.

We have the power to self-abrogate these masks that others have so easily placed upon us, and proudly wear our own chosen Ascendant to serve the world, our souls, and enjoy this sweet temporary existence.

Join Amanda for an afternoon of Yoga, Astrology, Kundalini Kriyas and deep self-inquiry.


*Please have your Date of birth, location and time of birth (as accurate as possible)


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Later Event: May 12