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108 Sun Salutations: A Yoga Workshop for the Winter Solstice w/ Paramananda

108 Sun Salutations

A Yoga Workshop for the Winter Solstice

With Paramananda


Traditionally in yoga, at the change of every season, Sun Salutations (surya namaskaras) are repeated 108 times to purify the body and mind and ground ourselves for our next season in life. Join Paramananda as he guides you through these foundational movements, going over the profound meditations for each pose. Deepen your appreciation and mindfulness of Sun Salutations as we flow again and again through the postures, exploring what each asana is trying to teach us. Different variations of surya namaskaras will be learned, as well as proper alignment and technique. Come move, meditate, sing and get ready to let your light within shine for the winter!

Paramananda (@thehardcoreyogi) is a punk guitarist turned yogi from the hardcore scene of NYC, where he spent his youth playing blaring rebel anthems from places like CBGBs to all over the world – in bands such as Youth of Today, Judge and Shelter. Taking inspiration from the motivational messages of alternative music, he studied yoga, meditation and bhakti at ashrams in India and America, where the punk ideals of personal empowerment, self-discovery and social reform took on a whole new, deeper meaning. 

SAT DEC 22nd, 1-3 PM, $30, AT PALO SANTO

1707 E. Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148