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Harvest Heart Openers w/ Amanda Medina

Harvest Heart Openers with Amanda Medina

In order to move forward, we need to be both brave, and daring.

The metaphysical properties of back bends reflect the need for stability in our foundation (as represented by the lower body) & willingness in the front body (as represented by either broad openness in the chest, or blocky tightness). To surrender our apprehensions, we must let go of our desire to control, or we get stuck there.

Use your physiology as a road map to navigate the patterns beneath the surface that are both free + blocked in this 2 hour Sadhana. This is appropriate for all levels of experience.


Expect a fluid, frontal opening and lower body stabilization. Challenge that which is old, and open to the new. You have to want it and bring your awareness into it, and work at YOUR edge. See you there!




BIO: Amanda realized her calling in 2012 when her blossoming passion and natural excitement for yoga, this new and enticing activity led people to ask her to teach.

The love affair began after feeling anxious and unstable after dropping out of the University of the Arts (Philadelphia). This, coupled with a life long disconnection from her body, constantly trying to work out or diet to love her body (which never worked). Through yoga in all of it’s magnificent forms, she found TRUE love for her body. This deep internal love sparked a fire, a confidence, and a thirst for more knowledge. She completed formal training through Dhyana Yoga (Philadelphia) in their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program(2013).

Since her initial training, she has completed a 15 hour Bhakti Immersion with Raghunath Cappo(2014), a 10 hour Postural adjustment training with David Regelin (Kula Yoga Project)(2015), and 75hr Eye of The Teacher Training with Alex Auder (Jivamukti/Kula Yoga Project/Katonah Yoga)(2017).

Her style now blends the intuitive nature of Prana Flow, the intelligence of Kula Yoga Project, the challenge of Ashtanga, and the precision of Iyengar.

Currently she practices with Alex Auder, Lilavati Devi, and Simon Park (with whom she has been a student of since 2012) as often as possible, and was featured in the Liquid Flow Teacher Training Manual for 2018. She aims to hold space for people to feel more than human, and experience the magic of yoga while humbly remaining a student to her most loved teachers.

Her classes are known to be creative, informative, and challenging, with space held to be introspective and inquisitive as the student. She takes into account the astrological climate, the bodies in the room, and the energy in the room utilizing intuition and knowledge that only comes through experience.

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