Before I dive into the cards and the artwork, I want to talk about the extra card in this deck: The Fountain. When I first started using the deck, I appreciated the inclusion of this card, but now I’ve read with it a few times, I’m starting to see how it really represents an overarching theme here.

It’s a card about connection, wisdom and infinity. Yes, The High Priestess can represent a shared consciousness, as can The World, and many other cards. But the way this deck creates a unique card of its own to represent the unity of the indivudal with the universal whole is just magical. The key word shown on this card’s page in the book is simply ‘be’.

This is very much an artist’s deck. Every card features a finely-detailed oil painting in carefully-chosen and mixed colors, with impeccable focus on shape, line, symmetry and balance. If you are a collector of beautiful tarot decks, this one should be among your favorites.

Those shapes and lines are a key idea within The Fountain Tarot, creating an atmosphere that feels timeless and modern at the same time, as though the cards can truly tell the future, by calling upon some kind of evolutionary, dawns-of-time understanding that exists within all of us, and all around us – a little like The Fountain card.

Alongside the geometry, colour is used powerfully throughout the deck. The four suits are characterised with different hues – cups are bluey-green, pentacles tend towards green-yellow, wands are yellow-red with some furnace-like darks, and swords have a special darkness of their own, pierced by shards of light and rainbow flashes.

This is a people-focused deck – almost every card shows a figure in motion, thought, communication or meditation. The contrast between cards of motion and cards of stillness is really striking – those with movement really feel alive, whereas the stiller cards are almost hypnotic, drawing you into a trance.

The box itself is something else. Strong, beautiful, iridescent, opening book-style from the side and held closed with a magnet, this is the kind of box you tend to keep. Even I, who pretty much always throws out my tarot boxes, will be keeping this one, it’s such a joy to use.

This is a truly special deck that I think will appeal to philosophical readers as well as anyone who enjoys fine contemporary art. It has a way of drawing you in as you leaf through the cards, and in readings, its messages emerge slowly, coming out bit by bit as the images take their place in your consciousness.


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