Mesquite Tarot deck + guide book

Mesquite Tarot deck + guide book


The Mesquite Tarot Set includes

- one 78-card illustrated tarot deck with tuck box 

- one guidebook 

- one printed oroboros canvas pouch

a little about the creators and the mesquite name

The name honors our roots here in Austin, Texas and the community they call home. Honey Mesquite, the variety of tree seen in abundance, has one of the deepest root systems of any plant, taproots regularly reaching over 50 feet deep. It is strong and soft, it draws survival up from groundwater submerged far below the surface. Mesquite blossoms and pods can be ground into flour, the leaves and bark can make nourishing salves, the tree in all its parts holds healing properties.

Under the dappled shade and soft light of the mesquite they planted the beginnings of this project and they hope that with your help, they can watch it blossom fully.

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