WHITE OAK Bark Powder

WHITE OAK Bark Powder


White Oak Bark powder

Quercus alba

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The white oak tree is known for its longevity as well as its vast height.  The medicinal properties of the tree lie in its bark.  This bark is highly nutritious, containing vitamins b12, iron, and potassium. It is used most commonly for the treatment of diarrhea relief, varicose veins, cold, and flu.  It’s astringent properties are excellent for care of the skin.  White oak bark is also an antiseptic, which is used for urinary tract infection, dysentery, and vaginal infection.  As a diuretic, it improves the health of the bladder and prevents kidney stones, and as an expectorant, it is suitable for loosening phlegm and mucous in the respiratory system.  Native Americans have utilized white oak bark for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties in the role of oral health care.  For treatment of internal problems, white oak bark can be taken in capsule, tincture, or tea form.  It is recommended for short term use.


Aids in protection, promotes fertility, releases negative magic, and good for strong, expansive endeavors

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