Violet leaf

Viola tricolor

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Violets are native to most of central and eastern North America.  Their purple heart shaped leaves are often a familiar sight sprouting up along roadsides and sidewalks.  However, the violet has many imitators and care must be taken in cultivation of the plant to avoid any poisonous lookalikes.  

Violet leaf contains mucilage, or soluble fiber, which is helpful in lowering cholesterol levels.  This content of soluble fiber also helps to feed and replenish heathy gut flora, aiding in digestion.  It is high in vitamin c, vitamin a, and a compound called rutin, which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood thinner.  Fore centuries in Europe, violet leaf has been used internally for cough and respiratory ailments.  It can also be used internally as a blood cleanser and lymphatic stimulant.  Topically, violet leaf can be used as a poultice or prepared in a salve or compress in treatment of dry and chafed skin, abrasions, insect bites, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.  


In the language of flowers, violets represent faithfulness.  Also associated with nymphs in the Ancient Greek myth, the Odyssey, as well as death and rebirth.

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