Valeriana officinalis

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Valerian root is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and Asia, producing sweet scented pink and white flowers used in perfumes.  The root helps to ease one into sleep, as well as improves the quality of sleep.  Containing a chemical called linarin, valerian root creates a sedative effect, which helps to calm anxiety.  Blood pressure may be reduced as a result of a calmed mind, improving heart health.  The root is also an antispasmodic which can be used to calm severe uterine muscle contractions and menstrual cramps. 

However, valerian root is a mutagen, which is not recommended for women who are pregnant or attempting to conceive. 


Valerian root is useful to help guilt and negative self talk.  Develops self acceptance.  Ancient Greeks believed the healing properties of the plant had to ability to reverse negativity. 

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