Avena sativa

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Oats contain beta-glucans which help to lower cholesterol levels naturally.  The complex carbohydrates give your body a long lasting energy boost, and stimulate the immune system. Oats also contain a daily dose of B vitamins to fight stress. The old saying "Sowing your wild oats", refers to the long held view that oats help support a healthy libido. The presence of steroidal saponins, and beta sitosterol in raw oats could indeed have an effect on balancing hormonal levels, which is a rather fun reason to encourage your loved one to eat this rather unexciting, but extremely healthy food.

Oatstraw makes a soothing herbal tea used as a nervous system tonic


After being cultivated in Europe around 100 AD, oats came to symbolize prosperity and sustenance, and the grain became an important part of many money spells.

invoke inner peace and rejuvenation by adding oat straw to a ritual bath to enhance mental powers, concentration and endurance. 

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