Ginger root

Zingiber officinale

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Ginger is applicable in several digestive and stomach ailments. It can range in its ability to treat morning sickness, nausea and vomiting, IBS, colic, and gas discomfort. Ginger is also used topically to treat burns and sometimes used as prevention of bug bites.

Ginger is used in food and beverages as a flavoring agent, and also in body care products as a fragrance. 

Ayurvedic texts suggest the use of this root for joint discomfort and inflammation, as well as better absorption of food and nutrients. Ginger root can be added to food and consumed daily. It increases the digestive fire and improves circulation.


Ginger is energetic and fiery and adds power to any magical activity. It is used in spells to "speed things up" or to cause plans to come to fruition quickly.

It can also be used in spells to add passion to an existing relationship.

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