Syzygium aromaticum

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You can use the antibacterial power of clove to deter colds and viruses, by using it to disinfect the air and kill germs on surfaces. Clove is best known as an analgesic and antiseptic treatment for dental pain, and can treat gum disease and bad breath. Clove oil can also be added to massage oils to ease muscle soreness and arthritis pain. Clove is deodorizing and an antiperspirant and can be used in many personal care products.

Clove is very useful in the kitchen, use cloves to add savory flavors to foods as well as aid in digestion. Clove eases stomach upsets and nausea. Clove can preserve bone density and also decrease overall pain in the body.


When used as incense, clove attracts abundance and purifies the surrounding area. It also provides its user with astral insight and a sense of kinship.

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