Calendula officinalis

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Calendula is a wonderful topical herb to speed the healing of wounds and infection. It contains high amounts of flavonoids, which are thought to increase the rate of net-vascularization and deposit hyaluronan (cell proliferation, migration, and formation,  alignment and migration of capillaries) thus, speeding the healing process. 

Calendula also has a positive effect on the immune system due to the flavonoids that are antioxidants and neutralize free radicals.

Calendula had been used to relieve breast tenderness and menstrual cramps and aid in regularity to mensuration due to the estrogenic effect of the herb. As a bah herb it will encourage perspiration, therefore lowering fevers.


It’s golden flowers are lightening to the spirit. It’s primary perspective is of peace between inner and outer worlds. Calendula is associated with the sun. The magical symbolism of calendula is love and constancy. It makes a great decoration for all events involving love, and keeps away negativity

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