Astragalus root

A. membranaceus

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It is native to China, Mongolia and North Korea, and is an ancient component of traditional Chinese medicine. It is traditionally valued for supporting healthy immune function and has been observed to support the heart in healthy subjects.

Astragalus is often administered to treat or prevent colds, upper respiratory infections, allergies, and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also used to increase the production of blood cells, particularly in individuals with chronic degenerative diseases or who are undergoing invasive cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy. Because of its antibacterial and antiviral qualities, this root acts as a liver protectant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and vasodilator. This means it is recommended for those with liver, heart, and blood vessel diseases.

Astragalus is an enduringly popular herb because it is as effective for everyday complaints as it is for uncommon disease patterns that are difficult to alleviate. Practitioners use it for skin wounds and mild colds as well as for severe heart disease and liver damage.


Astragalus corresponds to the planet Jupiter and the element Air.

Astragalus is a Chi tonic. Chi is the vital force of the body in Chinese lore. Applied to Western traditions, it could be used to increase energy for a variety of applications, almost like how a clear quartz crystal amplifies energy

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