Angelica Root

Angelica archangelica

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Angelica Root acts as a bitter digestive aid that can help a nervous stomach and tension-related digestive disorders.

This magical herb contains compounds that act much like calcium channel blockers, which are often prescribed for high blood pressure and heart health. Angelica root is one of the most highly respected female tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. Helps to relieve painful cramping and menstruation and helps bloating and cramping. Wonderful for indigestion, heartburn, nausea, ulcers, another digestive  ailments.  Helps with upper respiratory relief as it is warming and stimulating for the lungs.

Angelica is a biennial herb that prefers rich, moist soil and partial shade, like one would find in a swampy area. If it gets too much sun, mulching will help. It grows best in northern regions where there is a cooler period during the winter and the summers aren't so hot.

Angelica will self-seed. The seeds are only viable for a few months, so it’s best to let this happen, or reseed them yourself quickly. The plant produces a long taproot, so be sure to transplant seedlings while they are still quite small.


Angelica is associated with the angels Michael and Gabriel. It is aligned with the sun and the element of fire and sacred to Venus. 

Angelica is commonly used for general protection, especially against evil spirits and hex-breaking as well as general blessing and is especially useful for the defense of women.

Grow angelica on your property to protect your garden and home.

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