Aloe Vera Leaf - Aloe vera

This herb helps to balance blood sugar levels, as well as reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Aloe is good for the gums and treating inflammation in the body, both internally and topically.

The gel from the aloe leaf is a great tonic for the liver and spleen, for the blood and female reproductive system. Aloe regulates sugar and fat metabolism and tonifies the digestive enzymes of the body; and at the same time it reduces heat. It is rejuvenative for heat in the uterus.

Magical attributes:

Aloe is considered a lunar and feminine herb because of it’s cooling and healing properties that dispell heat. For this reason it is connected to the moon.

The Egyptians referred to aloe as the plant of immortality and it was included in funerary offerings. It was also considered the plant of eternal youth and Queen Cleopatra is said to have used it as a daily beauty product.

Common lore tells us that if you grow an aloe plant in your house, it will help prevent household accidents, particularly burns. 

cost is 3.85 per oz.

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