MOON WATER ritual mist

MOON WATER ritual mist



We called upon the feminine spirit of the Moon as she grew stronger then blessed this water with her magical light so it may help us access our Divine might -Infused with Palo Santo for purification, Reiki for protection and positivity, and Citrine for manifestation, grounding, and banishing negative energy. Use this unique blend and the power of nature to energize yourself , your thoughts, and actions, and to spiritually recharge your sacred spaces. 

This special Full Moon mist helps to give us the opportunity to come back into center and re-connect with our Moon Mother for support. It's healing waters guides us to strengthen our personal boundaries and perhaps begin to work out some of the anger/frustration/and deep emotional triggers that we tend to live with. It's time to set yourself free. Spend time with yourself during this course of inward awareness, this medicine will help allow you to re-charge and raise your own vibrations. This ritual boon will grants you access to have more patience with your sweet self and with others. 

Wonderful tool for divination, scrying, and ritual practices. Great for use on your altars, plants, in your bath, or directly on your skin for a little extra special love and light.


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