MAJESTIC Rose bath salts

MAJESTIC Rose bath salts


MAJESTIC ROSE Intentional Bath Salts crafted in house by Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary

Dive in to the tub with sweetness and grace. Let these intentional salts remove what is no longer needed and infuse you with newness, new love, and new vibrancy. Let the rose captivate your heart, the lavender and chamomile soothe your mind, and the cedarwood bring you back to the Mother (earth). These salts will help ground you in your truth and light a new path to healing. Remove the quartz crystal, place it in your bath, and enjoy it's nurturing energy. 

All organic ingredients: rose, eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, passionflower, himalayan pink salt, cinnamon bark, rosewood, cedarwood, infused with Mother Quartz and healing Reiki. Magically crafted under the light of the Full Moon. 

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