DEVI hair + body oil by Palo Santo Apothecary

DEVI hair + body oil by Palo Santo Apothecary


Sacred Hair + Body Oil by Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary. 

The amount of energy we carry around in our hair is incredible. It's a source of energetic power. We believe that taking care of it through a ritual of it's very own honors it's greatness. Use in hair after a wash, or on the ends to nourish your locks back to life. Beautiful and special enough to wear on the skin, we do. 

All organic ingredients: Vetivert, Curry Leaves, Saffron E.O. Wild Snow Chrysanthemum, Centaurea, Jasmine, Infused with Amazonite and Aquamarine crystals + Healing Reiki in oils of grapeseed, jojoba, and neem. 

2oz. A little goes a long way. 

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