CRAMP oil by Primal Apothecary

CRAMP oil by Primal Apothecary


--100% Natural and 100% Handmade--

1 oz. dropper bottle

For all skin types

For relief on those dark days of your cycle. Organic, cold-pressed olive oil is infused with some of my favorite moontime allies like Yarrow, Mugwort, Blue Cohosh root, and Cramp bark from New Moon to New Moon for topical, magical relief.

The act of massaging your lower belly, right above the uterus, with these plant allies will quickly absorb into the skin for fast comfort. My favorite way to enjoy this oil is with a cup of tea for those extra bad cramps.

Ancients likened snakes to the female cycle of renewal. The famous Minoan snake goddess figure is thought to actually be more associated with menstruation rites then just being generally labeled as a fertility goddess. The connection is apparent and beautiful - snakes shed their skin and are reborn with fresh skin to grow. The cycle repeats itself. Ancients saw this reciprocated in females each moon as well. In the Palace of Knossos in Crete, the walls are adorned with frescoes of yellow, painted faces of young girls collecting saffron flowers for tea to ease menstrual cramps. An homage to this ancient and forgotten relationship between the earth and our bodies, our Cramp Oil is the native version of this reverence of our earthly surroundings, healing us in our cycles.

--Ritual: Rub onto lower belly, above the uterus.

--List of Ingredients: *cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, *yarrow, *mugwort, *blue cohosh root (cultivated), *cramp bark, non GMO Vitamin E, clary sage and German chamomile essential oils

*All ingredients organic

Handmade in small batches in Philadelphia, PA
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