Framed Diamond Wool Handmade Pillow

Framed Diamond Wool Handmade Pillow


Wool Pillow Case featuring Framed Diamond.

  • Background Color:  Ivory.

  • Diamond and other Detail Colors: Pink, deep red

  • Measurements: 16″ long x 16″ tall.

These pillows are the definition of handmade. The fabric is delicately weaved fiber by fiber in a loom machine that is only moved by artisan hands, building pieces from down up, to finalize with intricate and colorful designs. The uniqueness of these wool pillows comes from the fact that they represent a piece of culture and history that is stamped on fabric forever.

Decor Artesenal helps to keep a culture alive by working together with indigenous artisans and exposing their art to the world.

They recognize the artisans work and we protect it by fostering a culture of fair trade. Handmade by artisans outside of Chiapas, always fair trade. The artisans live in remote communities with limited access and the elaboration of these ancient and beautiful crafts represent their main source of income.

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