Copal & Tobacco glazed Ceramic Spoons

Copal & Tobacco glazed Ceramic Spoons


Creative innovation lies at the heart of this custom design, as traditional processes intermingle with a beautifully rustic natural finish. These spoons are made from locally sourced Mexican earth, and are naturally colored with organic copal and tobacco. Dipped in a handmade glaze for contrast, these pieces are perfect for serving up salsa or summer preserves. Each of these spoons is built by hand, then pit fired in custom kilns, resulting in every piece existing as an exceptionally one-of-a-kind functional work of art, and a perfect complement to the featured smoky bowls – also by Francisco.

Francisco and his family have been producing ceramic works in Southern Mexico for generations. Highly skilled in the art of pottery production, Francisco continuously strives to develop new processes – a creative evolution that spans an enormous body of work from large-scale sculptures to stunning tableware. In addition to creating his pieces by hand, Francisco gathers organic plants and minerals from his property to use in his pieces, which he pit fires in the three handmade kilns that he built on his property.

Approximately 15cm long (6” long)

For best care results, these spoons should be washed by hand. While the finish is safe for dishwasher, these handmade ceramic pieces are fragile.

The noted price is for a single ceramic spoon. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colors may vary slightly from the featured product image. These spoons are safe for oven, gas range and food service.

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