THROAT Chakra herbal elixir

THROAT Chakra herbal elixir


THROAT Chakra herbal elixir by Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

Info about this product: 

The gift of this chakra is accepting and honoring your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking and living Truth.

The Throat governs our ability to seek and speak with authenticity beyond limitations of time, space and beyond cultural and family conditioning. This energy center bridges our Divine Truth and the communication of that Truth. 

Other uses: before a performance, speech, an important conversation, or to fully express the self.  

All organic ingredients: Ocotillo Flower, Lemon Balm, Red Clover flower, Fennel. Infused with healing Reiki, Apache Turquoise and Distilled Spirits. Charged on the night of the dark moon.

how to use: one dropper full under the tongue or in your favorite hydrating drink when needed.

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