THIRD EYE CHAKRA herbal tincture by Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary

THIRD EYE CHAKRA herbal tincture by Palo Santo Wellness Apothecary


To SEE • This chakra is responsible for tapping into our own intuition. The third eye energy center is our access point for divination. Our dreams, goals, and values all begin here. 

•This herbal combination is helpful for Imbalances in these areas: lack of creative thought, disconnection to our natural intuitive thought and reactions, headaches, irregular sleep patterns, nervousness, and mild depression...just to name a few.

Packed full of wonderful mood stabilizers, like a little blanket for your precious nervous system. Tinctures are usually taken internally, but sometimes I enjoy placing it on the third eye to help open the doorway. Magical uses for this elixir include• aiding in divination, intuition, and ancestor connection. Mix it into a water bottle and mist for home protection. 

This remedy helps to reduce nervous stress, aids with restful sleep, is a powerful antibacterial, calms muscle spasms, and promotes open thinking. 

Meditation with these lovely plants will bring you amazing eye opening and BIG question answering dreams. One of these herbs is a living goddess and with love, she will selflessly do her amazing work.

nfused with healing Reiki and Aura Quartz -Stone of spiritual development and enlightenment, great for developing psychic powers and tapping into that intuition. This amazing gift from the earth is both calming and uplifting. 

all organic Ingredients: Mugwort, Chamomile, Skullcap. Infused with Vodka, healing Reiki, and Aura Quartz. 

1 oz.

*this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. 

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