SHARANAM Root Chakra herbal tonic

SHARANAM Root Chakra herbal tonic


SHARANAM Root Chakra tonic

by Palo Santo Wellness Boutique  

The root chakra allows us to harness our courage, resourcefulness and the will to move forward during difficult times. This energy center connects us to our ancestors and our sense of safety and security. 

other uses:

we must balance this energy center first, for this is where our life force energy lives. True shelter is the ability to surrender, understanding that we are all supported by spirit. 


one dropper full under the tongue as needed. 

all organic ingredients:

yucca root, licorice root, lotus root, dandelion root, elderberry. Infused with healing reiki, hematite and distilled spirits. Charged in the garden soil and with the grounding forces, strength and courage of the bear animal spirit. 

crafted with intention in Philadelphia

1oz. glass dropper bottle

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