SHAKTI Sacral Chakra herbal tonic

SHAKTI Sacral Chakra herbal tonic


SHAKTI Sacral Chakra herbal tonic

by Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

The sacral chakra governs our sense of pleasure, enjoyment and creativity. This energy center governs our emotional stability and our ability to change, harnesses our sexual desires and regulates our addictive patterns. It grants us the opportunity to consciously embrace our shakti. 

other uses:

Invoke it’s magic with a single sun salutation. Let it guide you to a healthy understanding of passion and pleasure. 


one dropper full under the tongue as needed 

all organic ingredients:

shatavari, damiana, raspberry leaf, creosote, sweet orange peel, cardamom. Infused with healing reiki, citrine and distilled spirits. Charged under the light of the full moon and the mid day sun for balance, honoring your primal instincts and self-trust with the animal spirit of the tiger. 

crafted with intention in Philadelphia

1oz. glass dropper bottle

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