SEVA Crown Chakra herbal tonic

SEVA Crown Chakra herbal tonic


SEVA Crown Chakra herbal tonic

by Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

The Crown Chakra governs the transcendence of our personal limitations. This devotional energy center allows us to access our higher states of consciousness, enlightened wisdom and the path to the Divine.

Other uses:

Let this be a useful tool for your practices of mediation, spiritual growth and to help open the gateway to the cosmic self.


One dropper full under the tongue or in your favorite hydrating beverage when needed.

All organic ingredients:

Arizona White Oak, Lavender, Mariposa Lily, Lotus Leaf. Infused with healing Reiki, Amethyst and Distilled Spirits. Charged under the light of the Full Moon. Endowed with the all seeing watchfulness of the Peacock animal spirit.

Handcrafted with intention in Philadelphia.

1oz glass dropper bottle

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