MUSHROOM Power herbal tea

MUSHROOM Power herbal tea


There’s a new type of tea showing up at your health food store and at lots of healthy cafes—and it’s not exactly plucked from leafy fields or served with crumpets: it’s mushroom.

Sipping fungi for health reasons has been done for thousands of years in the East, and recently Western wellness insiders have been brewing the earthy little, grow-in-the-dark spores for things like stress-reduction, immunity, and a long list of health benefits.

Mushrooms like reishi are adaptogens, meaning they help your body manage stress. These powerful little plants respond to what our systems need through the miracle of plant intelligence, supporting you from the inside out.

Cordyceps are one of the three main types of mushrooms this tea will be focusing on, along with reishi and chaga.

Reishi is the most studied and the queen of mushrooms. It can help regulate hormones, lower stress, and break down [stress-related] cortisol.

Chaga has the highest source of antioxidants…while cordyceps are wonderful for oxygen intake. great for active people and athletes.

These are only the short lis of the very long list of benefits that these wonderful mushrooms can give us.

steep for 15 min to get the most benefits.


all organic ingredients:

Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, lemonbalm, shatavari, skullcap

made with love and intention by Palo Santo Wellness

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