HERBAL Teas from The New New Age

HERBAL Teas from The New New Age


These herbal tea are home-grown and handcrafted on the magic makers from the NEW NEW AGE's organic medicinal herb farm and pollinator-friendly apiary These beautiful people are providing a reconnection to Nature one herbal tea ceremony at-a-time. 


Consisting of yarrow, lemon balm and ginger, this tea is named after Chiron, the Centaur from Greek mythology who taught the warrior Achilles the art of plant magic by introducing him to the healing properties of yarrow also known as Achillea millefolium, which roughly translates as the Thousand-leaved plant of Achilles. 

TASTING/SENSORY NOTES: lemon ginger zing, fresh mountain air, self-love, acceptance, hemostatic, diaphoretic

DEMON SLAYER herbal tea

A notable super herb among both the Vikings and modern day Olympians, Rhodiola Root, forms the basis of this vitality enhancing adaptogenic tonic.

TASTING/SENSORY NOTES:  Rose lemonade, hibiscus, adaptogenic, vitality, stamina

All ingredients are permaculturally grown, certified organic or ethically wildcrafted: Rhodiola root, hibiscus, lemon balm, ginger, siberian ginseng


Holy Basil blended with a variety of basil varieties (lime, sweet, liquorice) makes for a delightful, restorative, balancing and adaptogenic tea. 

All ingredients are permaculturally grown.


A blend of soporific and nervine herbs to inspire and promote and promote immediate relaxation and sleepiness. Mugwort is also included and thought to inspire a sense of lucidity while dreaming helping us learn from our subconscious.

TASTING/SENSORY NOTES: herbal, earthiness, sedative, lucid dreaming, nervine, sedative

ANCIENT of DAYS herbal tea 

TASTING/ SENSORY NOTES: adaptogenic, monk’s tea, complex, sweet, divine connection, focused energy

A monk’s tea, this complex adaptogenic brew featuring schisandra, licorice, eleuthero, and black tea provides sustained and grounded energy during meditation, ritual. 

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

WITCH DOCTOR herbal tea

This brew features eleven enigmatic herbs that support and enhance the superior anti-inflammatory action of turmeric. Each spice in this tea has a fascinating history that comes alive which each sip. This healing tea is warming and invigorating, meant to be sipped under a blanket with a good book as you marvel at Mother Nature's incredible bio-diversity and her many manifestations of love and healing. Add organic coconut oil and/or grass fed ghee to take things to the next level.

TASTING/SENSORY NOTES: spicy, warming, invigorating, anti-inflammatory

All ingredients permaculturally grown, certified organic or ethically wildcrafted: pau d'arco, turmeric, ginger, black peppercorns, cat's claw, marshmallow root, orange peel, star anise, nutmeg, true cinnamon, cardamom


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