FLOWER ESSENCES by PRIMAL APOTHECARY ++RITUAL++ take 4 drops in water or directly on the tongue up to 4 times a day. But, is also great with a few drops in a bath or on the acu-points of the body including the wrists, temples, heart, third eye, etc.


BINDWEED 🌿For protection and constricting life situations when life seems like too much to handle. For clarity and remembering that you have the magic to pull yourself out when all feels lost. Made on the Full Moon in Sagittarius in Gemini Season. 

DANDELION+++Dynamic, solar energy. Dandelion exhibits healing potential on both the emotional and physical realms, by releasing excess tension to open up to focus in order to effortlessly harness your full manifestation power. Find inner ease and balance with the body, emotion, and spirit. Great for those who feel over-driven, tense. Made with clear quartz in Gemini Season. 

INDIAN STRAWBERRY+++Pure heart chakra in a bottle! For those who feel jaded, or having a hard time opening up to others and the world around them, Indian Strawberry reminds us to feel into our sensuous nature, to open up to love, enjoy life's pleasures, and remember to play. Made in Gemini Season. 

QUEEN ANNE’S LACE+++Powerful medicine for those needing psychic clarity, insight, and vision when the rest of the lower chakras are imbalanced. Queen Anne's Lace harmonizes and stabilizes root and sacral chakras with the third eye chakra for a clear channel. Refining and sensitizing for the soul's "clear seeing." Made in Gemini Season. 

STAR OF BETHLEHEM+++For those seeking comfort from trauma and shock, Star of Bethlehem brings comfort and hope during crisis and serious distress. Especially for those who are not open to healing, it helps to release deep traumas - recent or old - star of bethlehem provides regeneration of the soul. Made on Beltane with vanilla infused brandy.

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