What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are the most gentle of form of herbal medicine available and yet they are more profound than any other remedy for restoring balance to the human Heart + Spirit. Flower essences embody the wisdom teaching of the plant from which they are made. Working with an essence is akin to spending a quiet day in the company of that plant and drinking deep the medicine of its presence and the landscape of which it is a part. The true magic + medicine of flower essences is difficult to communicate fully until you've tried them yourself -- and we certainly hope you will.


 helps us to “give death” to those things in our life or those parts of our psyche which are long overdue for dismissal. Sometimes letting go and “giving death” is truly the most compassionate and loving thing we can do for these parts of our lives and ourselves. It is only through freeing up our energy in this way that we can breathe new life into creative pursuits which have lain abandoned for too long, to nourish ourselves fully once more, and to engage with those relationships which provide real nourishment.  She reminds us that death and endings provide the space and nourishment needed for new life, new beginnings.  She helps us to let go, at long last, of those things which we've clung to for far too long, which it is now time to lay to rest.

Like all powerful beings, Datura deserves and commands total respect and reverence. I strongly discourage anyone from ingesting her medicine in its physical form unless it is a part of their culture's spiritual tradition and they are properly ceremonially prepared to do so. Flower Essences, such as this, however are totally safe ways to invoke and learn from such potent teachers, as Datura.  This vibrational remedy contains no constituents of the plant, only the fierce wisdom and storied presence of her blossom.


 [Spartium junceum] connects one with optimism and fortitude in the midst of great challenge.  When one feels unequal to the task at hand, Spanish Broom offers the opportunity to "rise to the occasion." This essence helps in moving beyond a limited or negative view of the Self in order to perceive one's true gifts, so that they might be put to use for the greater good of all.  Combines well with Larch (from the Bach repertoire) for fear of one's one perceived inadequacies and shortcomings.


 [Achillea millefolium] is an excellent flower essence for healers or people who work in fields where they are immersed in other peoples' energies-- nurses, teachers, bar tenders, etc.   Pink Yarrow allows one to hold loving, compassionate, and empathetic space for others while maintaining their energetic boundaries and not taking on the emotions of the other person. 

Also incredibly helpful for those who internalize their environment and the feelings of those around them, leaving them depleted and confused.  Pink Yarrow brings us back in touch with the essential human need to nourish oneself before offering one's gifts to the world. Reminds us that meeting our own needs has to come first or all that we give to others will be coming from a place of emptiness.


 [ Oenothera speciosa ] essence allows you to experience a deep sense self acceptance--acceptance that you may have been denied in childhood or past relationships. It is helpful for those who are painfully self conscious and instinctively hide their true nature for fear of rejection. The Pink Primrose teaches us to stay centered in our own experience as we move through the world, to acknowledge our own needs and desires as primary, and to stop compromising ourselves in order to gain the favor of others. It assists one in feeling at home in the world and gingerly urges you to let go of all false identities so that you can become a vessel for the Truth of who you are.

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