CONFIDENCE Herbal tea blend

CONFIDENCE Herbal tea blend


The solar plexus governs our willpower, self-esteem and growth through change. This energy center relates to the transformative fire element and is responsible for action, identity and vitality.  This tea is formulated to help tap into our self-confidence and self appreciation so that we can shine on our path!


minimizing self-doubt, breaking unhealthy patterns, empowering you to live your Dharma and as a tool for prosperity and abundance rituals. 


milk thistle, dandelion, calendula, ashwagandha, yucca root, nettles, oatstraw and lemon verbena. Infused with healing Reiki, orange calcite. Charged under the light of the mid day sun.


infuse for 10 to 15 min for full benefits.

crafted with intention by Palo Santo Wellness

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